I started my degree in Mechanical Engineering in Bristol in 2006. I study and work at the same time, and, as a technician I was struggling with the maths. Eric started to tutor me and I started to develop my mathematical skills, he introduced new subjects at my pace and re-kindled my interest in maths and science. He introduced me to the subject, not just the syllabus.
Mr M Dolan - BEng student, now graduated with 2.1 in engineering.


I have just finished my BSc in biology specialising in genetics at Cardiff University. During my GCSE I sought help from Dr Fowler on only a few issues as I could cope fairly easily. However at A level I found problems with several of the more abstract topics such as differentiation and integration, trigonometry, statistics and probability, applied mathematics which involved the equations of physics and the more complex algebraic manipulation that is encountered at A level, I have no doubt that I would not have achieved my B grade were it not for his help and consequently may not have gone to university.
Belinda Brightman - GCSE and A level student, recently 2.1 honours graduate.

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